Admiral Golgotha

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Admiral Golgotha
Once a valiant boy, full of energy and enthusiasm, Golgotha has now become a tough veteran. He was a square-built military man with rugged looks and cunning eyes. For years he struggled in the fleet until he made his way up on the ladder and become a true leader. But once he was given the chance to command a small group of pilots it did not take long for everyone to see that this is not just a young ambitious officer, but a true commander, keen leadership and combat. His tactical decisions were revolutionary and his victories became legendary. Soon enough he was the Admiral, the leader, the one and only force that united the galaxies.

He went like that for years. Golgotha ruled the universe and kept the peace for a really long time. People forgot the battles, the abandoned planets, the poverty ... But Golgotha knew, that fights like his are never over. He continued his search for resources, new allies and ways of improving both military technology and the life of ordinary people. And though his thirst for knowledge and power was his greatest ally, it had yet to prove that it's his greatest weakness, too.

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