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Carribean Joe

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Carribean Joe
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A space pirate - the dream of every kid. Captain of a pirate ship - every pirate's dream. That's what Joe was, the dream of both people and pirates. Even the fleets that chased him wanted to be like him. That is Caribbean Joe - the Terror of all galaxies, who everyone feared and yet loved.

But that is just who Caribbean Joe was before. Now pirates said that he was a joke. A ridiculous old man. Yet they had forgotten that all their fame and glory would not exist if not for him. But that is a different story.

Now Joe had become a preacher. He crossed the galaxies speaking about the Creator and his master plan. His ship, that once was a representation of fear and terror had now become a sanctuary of love and compassion. Many stories are told about Joe's transformation from a pirate to a servant of the Creator and none of them has proven true yet. Some say that he lost his mind after a hyper jump in a galaxy with a high radiation levels, where his whole crew died. Others claim that he was touched by the Creator himself. Whatever the reason is, dispite the great change Joe remains who he was ? a complete mystery.