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Stalker was born on a desert planet, a place practically without water used as a sanctuary for those who wanted to be forgotten. The planet was famous only for its Nova and ore mines. The only visitors of this planet were shady traders and some outlaws, looking for a good bargain. Stalker never knew his parents, as he was raised and trained by Volkr himself, who took him when he was still a baby from the desert planet.

Stalker was trained and taught in the ways of Volkr, obeying his rules and serving his cause. He became a strong young man, driven only by his thirst for knowledge and desire to help Volkr on his quest of conquering the Universe. He was given a position of an undercover agent in the Canis Minor galaxy, disguised as a free trader.

From the many people he met and the stories they told, Stalker soon began to understand what Volkr was all about. And then came the day when Stalker met Joe Caribbean. Joe, a man that had seen literally everything, showed Stalker what was really going on. He made up his mind and though he continued to serve his master on paper, he was now a double agent – serving much more himself than any other leader or institution.